Hero Rat Weekend – 14th and 15th April 2012


Looking for some Post-Easter fun?!Why not come along and support our Hero rat Weekend.

The museum has recently adopted a mine detecting Hero Rat called Blossom.

These Rats have an exceptional sense of smell, and can be trained to detect explosives. Unlike metal detectors, they can detect both metal and plastic-cased landmines.

Rats provide a low-tech solution to the landmine problem, especially in low-resource environments.

Rats are light-weight (approximately 1.5 kg or less) and they will not set off mines when they stand on them (it typically takes 5 kg to set off a pressure-activated landmine).

Rats are very sociable and easy to train, and they don’t mind performing repetitive tasks (in exchange for a sweet reward!)

Rats are small and very cheap to feed, maintain, and transport.

Rats are motivated by food, and are less emotionally tied to their handlers than dogs – it is therefore easier to transfer them between handlers.

Rats require little veterinary care, are resilient to many tropical diseases and are highly adaptable creatures.

African giant pouched rats have a long life span (6-8 years) which means a solid return on the initial training investment.

Come and learn about the work of the Hero Rats and pick up our special Hero Rat spotters card and family trail for only 50p on this special weekend.

Cardiff Castle admission charges apply.  Please see our website for further details



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