Some Visitors from Canada


Today we were deligImagehted to host a visit by Royal Ontario Regiment Cadets. The young visitors were given a personal tour of the museum, and stopped especially to take a look at our Canada Case.

The Firing Line Museum has strong links to Canada and The Ontario Regiment throughout its history.

The 41st (Welch) Regiment of Foot served with distinction in Canada during the War of 1812, supported by Canadian Militia and Native Americans. There were two main American threats, one on the Niagara front and the other on the Detroit River to the west. General Brock left the Niagara front with 250 men to reinforce the 41st who were watching the Fort at Detroit.

At midnight on August 15th, 1812 our force crossed the river undiscovered, and as morning came moved to the attack. The British came closer, a white flag was raised and Detroit Fort was surrendered, winning the 41st the Battle Honours of ‘Detroit’ and ‘Miami’ and saving Canada for the Empire.

To commemorate this important anniversary, on the weekend of 25th August 2012, there will be an authentic military camp, drill displays by both the British and USA Infantry, demonstrating marching and live musket fire. This all culminates with a re-enactment battle of the surrender of Fort Detroit. All events will take place at Cardiff Castle.


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